Hasselback butternut squash with bacon brown butter


Amplify your side dish skills this Holiday season with our hasselback butternut squash with bacon brown butter. It's to die for! Indulge with us this Thanksgiving, you won't regret it!

We go through all the steps on how to prepare hasselback and guide you to make this epic side dish that will impress everyone!


- Butternut squash - Pancetta - Rosemary

Halve and deseed your butternut squash. Slice along the width of the squash with chopsticks underneath to help prevent the knife cutting all the way through.


Brush the hasselback butternut squash on the sliced side with the herby garlic oil mixture before baking it in the oven in a parchment lined skillet.


Once you've crisped up your bacon and garlic slices, brown your butter in a small skillet and add the bacon and garlic back in.


Pour the foamy bacon brown butter over the baked and tender hasselback butternut squash and serve immediately as the perfect indulgent side dish!


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