Easy Italian Sausage Ragu with Pappardelle

This Italian sausage ragu with pappardelle is super tasty and more importantly quick and easy to make; whip it up in under 30 minutes.

Why you'll love this recipe

Gluten free - all you need to do to ensure this is gluten free is source gluten free sausages which are readily available nowadays, as well as gluten free pasta.


– Fresh Pork – Olive Oil – Chilli Flakes

Over a medium-high heat in a large skillet sauté the sausage meat with the Italian seasoning and chilli flakes.


Add the diced shallot and sauté with the meat until softened, about 2-3 minutes. Add the tomato purée along with the minced garlic and cook for a further minute.


Add the plum tomatoes and use the back of a spoon to break them up.


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